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    Labor Force

      North Alabama’s past, which is steeped in a hard working agrarian lifestyle, has instilled a strong

      work ethic that is still present today.

    Alabama is a right to work state with little union activity. The few attempts to unionize the state’s new automotive assembly plants have failed terribly. While unemployment is low, underemployment is high and many workers drive out of the region for work. Also, North Alabama draws some of its workforce from people living outside the region who are willing to drive from several counties away for work.

    North Alabama Labor Force
    Civilian Labor Force 497,546
    Unemployment 3.8%
    Underemployment 20.2%
    Migrating Out for Work 22,004
    Migrating In for Work 24,497

    Source – Labor Force and Unemployment from Alabama Department of Industrial Relations (2005)
    Underemployment from University of Alabama Study (2005)
    Worker Migration from U.S. Census (2003)

    The State of Alabama believes providing a good workforce is part of state government’s job. Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT) was ranked as the nation’s best state workforce training program according to a poll of site selection consultants conducted by Expansion Management magazine in 2005. AIDT has also achieved the world’s first ISO 9001:2000 certification for a state-funded workforce training program. AIDT can develop a full range of technical pre-employment selection programs uniquely customized to your company. They can conduct Certified Manager Training, Supervisory Skills Training, On the Job Training, ISO 9000 Training and OSHA compliant Safety Training/Assessments. AIDT’s Maintenance Assessment program can also benefit you by assessing the core skills of potential maintenance personnel before you hire or promote them. These services along with local community colleges and technical schools assure that you will have the workforce you need both now and in the future.

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