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    Wood Products

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    More than 90 companies in the wood products industry have chosen North Alabama as their home because of the region’s critical advantages.

    • An Abundance of Product Supply: Alabama ranks 2nd in the United States for commercial forest land.
    • Experienced Workforce: More than 6,200 people are currently employed in the wood industry in North Alabama.
    • A Critical Mass of Companies: With 93 wood product firms there is a synergy of wood working knowledge and expertise.
    • Location to Market: North Alabama is in the center of the Southeast which had 48% of all U.S. new home starts in 2005. Two Interstates provide quick access to the entire Southeast Region as well as Norfolk Southern and CSX main line rail service.
    • Resources for Industry: The publicly funded Alabama Center for Advanced Wood Working Technology and Auburn’s Forest Products Development Center stand ready to assist Alabama companies.


    Existing Industry

    Forest Data Maps:

    Alabama Forest Types
    Alabama ’s Woody Biomass
    Alabama's Primary Wood Residue
    Alabama's Secondary Wood Residue
    Forestry Industry in Alabama


    Forestry Economic Indicators


    Header photo courtesy of Alabama Mountain Lakes Association & Gary Tramontina.

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